14 May 2019

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3 Powerful Tips to Start Accessing Your Imagination

Napoleon Hill once said:

‘Imagination is the most marvellous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known.’

But what really is imagination? And how can we use it to create our dream lives? Well the key word here is CREATE. Imagination is simply creativity in one of the most purest forms. But instead of painting on a canvas, or penning musical notes, it involves building pictures inside your minds. Now before you think ‘I’m not creative’, this is what Bob Proctor has to say:

You are creating every moment of your life, whether you’re aware of it or not. You ARE a creative Being.’

In other words, you cannot escape your fundamental nature as a creative being. You are here to create. You are an essential part of the universe, and therefore you are constantly contributing to its powerful, creative flow of energy. Imagination is about focusing this force towards your desires more deliberately. When you do this, your life begins to expand in amazing ways.

Unfortunately, many well-intentioned adults may have suppressed their own imaginations – they were taught that imagination is a silly, fruitless and childish thing to do.

The truth is, they are simply unaware of the true power of imagination. And while that might work for them, there is a world left unexplored if your imagination remains dormant.


So how do you start to build your imagination muscle?
Here are three simple but powerful things that you can do:


Warren Buffett, the CEO of the fourth-largest company in America, isn’t as busy with work activities as you may think. By his own estimate, he has spent 80 percent of his career simply THINKING. So even if it only for 5 to 15 minutes a day, giving yourself the time and space to stop and dream is the first step. If it is good enough for Warren 😉….


Writing is a powerful way to capture your dreams into an organised, actionable form. The key is not to censor or judge yourself. This process is about setting yourself free. So whatever dreams and desires come up, get them onto paper without any criticism or evaluation. There are many ways to do this. For example, if you are a very visual person, your notebook may be filled with pictures or symbols. Find what works best for you.


Once you have an expansive list of goals, desires and dreams, devote some of your time to thinking deeply about your priorities and the direction of your life and business. I find prompts are helpful for this. Here are some of my favourites questions to ponder:

  • What does freedom mean to me?
  • If I could achieve anything in the next 12 months what would I want it to be?
  • What is the one personal goal that I constantly keep putting off?

Alternatively, if a clear goal emerges from your imagination process, you can write it down and begin to strategically move toward it.


The bottom line is this: The next time a big idea, goal or dream floats into your mind, CHOOSE to keep it alive.

Even if it is as simple as taking note of it to revisit for later on in your ‘thinking time’. Stay with it, play with it, have fun with it – let your imagination run free. It is truly liberating. With practice, your imagination can become as strengthened as a bodybuilder’s abs!

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