20th July 2019

ELEVATE | Your Mind. Your Story. Your Brand.

Ladies, your time to stand out is now.

We are in the midst of a drive to see more women in leadership within government, organisations and in the start-up world. But are we ready for this?

We are here to help you take control and show you how to develop the image, inside and out, that represents you and the impact you deserve to have.

This program has been designed to provide you with the skills and practical tools to not only feel amazing and look great, but to also be able to authentically lead others with ease. If you are a leader, up & coming leader or desire to be a person of influence then we are here to show you how to elevate up and get there in half the time.

Program Overview:

This program will be intimate, hands-on and interactive.

You’ll be working closely with two of Melbourne most sought after specialists in their fields to align your internal mindset with your external perception.

Morning Facilitation:

Mairead Dunne will get the day started by getting you to stop and think. Internal self-image is how you see yourself, it sets the boundaries for your individual accomplishments. She will take you through step-by-step on how to design your ideal self-image and explain what the leading teachers in human potential and success advocate on the topic of self-image and achievement.

Mairead will cover: 

  • Define You – Ideal believes & self-image, from design to application.
  • Stand out from the crowd – Confidence & authentic decision making for leaders.
  • Science Matters – Why so many never live into their potential and how you can be different.
  • Self-Image roadmap to continue your personal development growth.

Afternoon Facilitation (Lunch Provided):

The afternoon with Briony Croft will focus on personal brand and controlling perceptions. Your image is a vehicle in which you communicate your purpose and value. What you choose to wear will either be working for you or against you.

Briony will cover: 

  • The power of perception – what is it, and how is it affecting you.
  • Defining your personal brand – your values, your intention, your style..
  • Your unique (and memorable) qualities – your visual mark.
  • Style & Personal Brand clarity roadmap to continue your personal brand growth.

On completion of this full day program you will leave equiped to elevate up to the level of influence you deserve. 

Get To Know Your Hosts:

Briony Croft is owner and founder of her personal brand – Briony Croft. The BC brand is an Image Agency specialising in creating and maintaining authentic personal brands through image, wardrobe maintenance and personal brand photography.

Celebrating her 9th year in business this year, she has worked one on one with highly motivated and successful individuals, as well as leant her wealth of knowledge to companies and media outlets on the powerful and number one marketing tool – image.

Briony does things a little differently. She’s a story teller, a thrill seeker and is highly intuitive. She believes every individual has a story that should be shared and used in the creation of a personal brand – these stories, the personal growth and confidence shift is what she searches for in the work she does.

It’s your story. Own it. Share it. Be it.

Mairead Dunne is the CEO & Founder at Spritz Mindset, an International Mindset Development Consulting Agency. As CEO at Spritz Mindset Mairead leads a global team who collectively work with individuals, teams and businesses teaching them how to create the mindset for sustained success.

Mairead has delivered keynote speaking addresses to conferences in Australia, Ireland, UK and Spain. As one of Bob Proctor’s top global consultants Mairead has learned directly from the best in the industry on human potential, what works and as importantly what doesn’t.

With a wealth of experience acquired over a decade of involvement in the health care industry, Mairead has witnessed the importance of understanding and developing empowered mindsets for not only success in business, but in life.

Be the change you want to see. 

Do it for yourself – but not by yourself!

Price : $$197 (early bird)