19 Nov 2019

Living Life Now, Mindset Development, Reflections

Financial stability & freedom in 2020, Sound interesting? Our 7 tips..

I have been thinking about this…

How many have written off setting and achieving what they really want because they have additional commitments or feel they are too old? 

How many people have accepted the idea that they are now earning the most they can ever earn? 

How many people have really been taught how to achieve financial stability 👉🏼evolving into financial freedom?

Money for me is something I love to talk about!!

The more I have spoken to people from all walks of life, I am realising we have a bigger problem when it comes to financial literacy and money consciousness, than I originally thought.

So here are my thoughts for you today:

    1. The same way there is enough air in the atmosphere to go around for everyone, there is enough money 💰too.

    2. We are often settling for what we know we can earn V’s what we want to earn. If you work in the health / education industry and you have read this far!! I am impressed 😆, as I know how crappy talking about money can make you feel.

    3. Like all relationships in life your money relationship will not improve with avoidance and neglect! 😉 Take a moment and think where you currently are and how much you need to earn in order to eliminate all financial concerns and have the personal standards you want.

    4. Most of you don’t want to earn millions and millions! You just want to be able to live the lifestyle you want, buy what you want for you and your family, when you want it and give back as you wish.Now if you are the highest form of creation on this planet, don’t you think it is a pretty small ask?

    5. The only way to true financial freedom is to truly understand and apply these two rules:

      – Money needs to come to you from multiple sources. Having only one source of income will never equal the potential of what you could earn.

       You need to learn how to earn money in other ways than trading your time for money. Again, your time is a limited resource, and it’s your most precious resource, so learning how to make money through leveraging your skills, time and money is key.

    6. Money won’t make you greedy or mean. Having more freedom financially will make you more of what you already are. If you are a nice, kind, giving person then more money gives you the opportunity to spread the good you do further than what you can physically do.
    7. Money is energy given in response for three things:
  • The need for what you do.
  • Your ability to do it.
  • The difficulty there is in replacing you.

A lot of people let their decisions be controlled by their bank balance and then wonder why the same cycle never changes. Make the decision to be proactive in exploring this topic more.

A great book to get you starting in thinking this way is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

It is going to take doing things differently in order to create different results.

As we approach the final few weeks of this decade, there is no time as fitting as now for you to decide to master your money consciousness and make freedom on all levels of your life.

Till next time, from me to you,

Founder and CEO at Spritz Mindset