19 Jun 2019

Living Life Now, Mindset Development

Is balance really possible in the pursuit of success?

When you think about ‘successful living’, what images come to mind?

Do you see yourself…

  • Getting sh*t done in your business or job?
  • Traveling the world living the laptop lifestyle?
  • Living an active and healthy life?
  • Spending lots of free time with your friends and family?

These all sounds pretty good to us! But there is something missing..

Each example is outwardly focused. They emphasize action-taking and results-making. This often evokes use our ‘Yang’ energy or masculine energy. It is the white half of the famous Yin and Yang symbol.

Yang-energy is an essential part of successful living… but it is only half of the equation.

We live in a predominately Yang-based society. Doing more to achieve more is valued over almost everything else. As a result, we often seek more balance, physically, psychologically and spiritually. A quick glance at the increasing cases of mental illness, obesity and addiction puts this fact in harsh light.

We have forgotten about the importance of turning within & connecting to our creative ability – we have neglected our Yin-energy.

This is our natural feminine energy often dormant in us, regardless of the gender we identify with. Yin-energy is about slowing down, restoring and enjoying the present moment. It’s about increasing our creativity, self-understanding and intuition.

The perfect balance of Yin and Yang energy brings us joy during every step of the goal-achieving process. This is the essence of true success.

We firmly believe that both sides must be explored. So what can you do to tap into your Yin-energy?


A Good Place To Start:


You may have heard us speak about time-blocking your calendar. This is the act of planning out your weekly schedule, and locking in specific times to complete certain tasks. One of these essential tasks should be purely about fun! You deserve to reward yourself each week by setting aside time for joy. Not only are these activities are good for the soul, they relieve stress and de-clutter your mind which will drastically improve the quality of your focus and productivity during the week.


As little as 10 minutes of daily writing about what you want and what you are grateful for can change your entire life. It increases your self awareness, opportunity to express, and helps to spark your sense of creativity and motivation. Your productive actions will have more meaning, and your life will feel more enriched and fulfilling.


Quietening your mind is a simple and scientifically validated exercise that literally rewires your brain to experience more peace, presence and happiness on a daily basis. When your mind-chatter quietens, you find more space to enjoy all aspects of life. As a result, your levels of productivity, creativity and overall success will follow suit.


The key here is that you have both Yin & Yang in you. These are both sides of the coin. We use our Yin energy to get creative, get grounded and to access our intuition. We use Yang energy to bring order to our mind, to achieve outcomes and get sh*t done. The mastery is in the balancing act. As you read this notice which side you are more focused on. If you are needing to ‘Yin It Up’ then try putting our tips to the test.

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Team @ Spritz Mindset