26 Feb 2019

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Love & Relationship. Art or Science?

You’ve been together for a while; how do you keep the fire alive?

Here at Spritz Mindset, we love the saying “Where attention goes, energy flows” and it’s the same for our relationships. They take attention and nurturing to keep alive and healthy.

The Huffington Post agrees “Happy relationships don’t happen by accident. It takes two emotionally healthy, loving people who are committed to being the best partners they can be.”

Ask anyone who is in a happy, healthy relationship what the key is and at the core of what they say is attention. There is a misconception that good relationships are effortless, but this is not the case.

People grow and that means the relationship has to as well. As much as we want to, we can’t stay in the honeymoon stage forever. Everything in life is moving, it is either creating or disintegrating, so check-in with your relationship, which direction is it going?

Here are some things to consider to bring more success to your relationship:

Take Control.

The only people stopping your relationship from working is the people in it. You as an individual must first get clear on what you want. Be specific. Write it down – all of it. Then pick your biggest priorities. What are your non-negotiables? They may have evolved since you met. Ideally get your partner to do the same. When you are clear about what you want in a partner and in a relationship then it will make step two easier.


We hear this all the time, but it really is key! There is no point in having your list of desirables if you can’t talk to your partner about it. For fun you could both complete this “Love Language” Quick Quiz . This will give you something to discuss when it comes to the way you communicate love and want to receive it. Remember the biggest gap in communication in relationships is listening. How active is your listening?

Be Open To Working On You.

Are you emotionally healthy? It’s a good place to check in. We often think it’s the other person. If they could only… But remember what bothers you about someone else is usually a reflection of something within you. This can be a tough pill to swallow but if you can really step back and look at your thoughts, your habits, your behaviours, your expectations you may be surprised by how much they are sabotaging the situation.
The first step is to become aware. Aware of your desires, what you want. But also aware of your current patterns because it’s from this place you can do something about it.

Looking for more help?

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There is never a right time, there is only now, so decide today to start doing something about it.

Keep being awesome.

Team @ Spritz Mindset