04 Jun 2019

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Overcoming Fear and Procrastination – Want to know how?

Do you often feel busy? Does your mind feel full? Is your schedule constantly bursting at the seams?

And yet despite all the chaos, you feel like you aren’t making much progress on anything – especially on the things that are most important to you. The goals and dreams that truly light you up inside.

Or maybe it’s the basics that just aren’t getting done, things like cleaning up the house or setting up your budget.

Whatever the case, you may be thinking things like:

  • “I’m ‘planning’ to get started on my big goal next month.”
  • “I’m going to start as soon as I have more time.”

The truth is the time is never right. As John Lennon once said:

‘Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.’

So whether you’re struggling with big goal or a simple task, doing something about it NOW is always the best decision you can make.


Here are three simple thing you can do to over come the cycle of procrastination and get more done this week:


A lot of the time, our goals seem more difficult than they actually are when we leave them bouncing around in our heads. Writing causes you to stop, focus and think.

Set aside 5 minutes and complete this three-step process:

a) Brain Dump – Write down your task, to-do-list & any thoughts that are weighing you down on to paper.

b) Think about what you really want. What need to happen today or this week for you to feel like it was a success?

c) Highlight 3 action steps you can take from your list today that will get you to your goal the quickest.



Perfectionism is an illusory destination that can never be reached. When you buy into perfectionism, you become bogged down in unnecessary detail and over-analysis. Not only does this slow down your progress, it can hurt your confidence. Let it go. Progress is much more rewarded over perfection. 

Give your best effort with what you have today. 

You are guaranteed to surprise yourself with how competent you are. And better yet, you will immediately feel excited and fulfilled as you start to build momentum towards your goals.



An essential step – decide to start.

Decision is the opposite of procrastination. Just like left and right, east and west, up and down, there’s procrastination and decision making.


Mentally decide that you are going to make a start – no matter how small. When you make a decision to start your mind will flip over onto a difference frequency and the ‘how to’ switches on. The science and data is there to support the power of making decisions in in less than 5 seconds! Up for the challenge? Think of a decision you are trying to make? 5,4,3,2,1… What will you do? Now act on that now. This is the key… action. 


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Be the change you want to see.

Team @ Spritz Mindset